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Auriga Holding SA

formerly Auriga SA

Auriga Holding SA was founded in December 2016 from the partial split of COFI SA, Luxembourg, from which it took over the activities in the banking and financial sectors.

The company holds the entire share capital of PKB Private Bank SA, a Swiss bank founded in 1958, that controls Cassa Lombarda S.p.A., a historical private bank in Milan founded in 1923, as well as several other companies active in wealth management.

The different entities of the PKB Group, mainly operating in private banking, managed as of December 31, 2022 assets of nearly CHF 12 billion and employed over 400 staff.

During the month of December 2022, the company transferred its head office to Lugano, Switzerland.

Auriga Holding SA is controlled by the Trabaldo Togna family.

Main subsidiaries

Founded in 1958, PKB Private Bank SA was acquired by the Trabaldo Togna family a few years after its incorporation. It is a Swiss bank specialized in providing private banking and wealth management solutions to Swiss and international clients. The bank operates from its three Swiss offices in Lugano (head office), Geneva and Zurich. The PKB Group – which includes Cassa Lombarda, an Italian private banking boutique (founded in 1923) – managed assets of nearly CHF 12 billion as of December 31, 2022.

PKB has one of the highest capital ratios in Switzerland (Core Tier 1 in excess of 28% at the bank level).

Via S. Balestra 1
CH – 6901 Lugano
Ph. +41 91 913 35 35

Founded in 1923, Cassa Lombarda is a private banking boutique offering services for private and institutional clients in Italy. Part of the PKB Group since the early 1980s, Cassa Lombarda focuses its offering on three pillars: advisory services, an open architecture platform and credit solutions for private banking clients. The bank delivers a range of products and services from its five locations: Milan (headquarters), Rome, Bergamo, Busto Arsizio and Como. Cassa Lombarda also offers fiduciary services through the Group’s subsidiary, PKB Servizi Fiduciari.

Via Manzoni 12/14
I-20121 Milano
Ph. +39 02 77 99 1

Alasia is a Swiss independent platform offering multi-bank wealth management services, corporate advisory and family office services. Based in Switzerland – a market known for its efficiency, safety and discretion – Alasia also boasts a solid experience and a broad international network.

Via Serafino Balestra 17
6900 Lugano
Ph. +41 (0)91 223 22 70

Board of Directors

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Deloitte SA

Via Ferruccio Pelli 1
6901 Lugano



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Auriga Holding SA

Via Serafino Balestra 16,
6900 Lugano
Ph: +41 (0)91 923 54 66
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